Propane vs. Electricity and Alternative Fuel Sources

Discover the difference propane can make in your home!

propane vs electricityMore and more of your neighbors here in greater Miami and Fort Lauderdale are converting to propane for all that it can bring to the quality of life in their homes.
Here’s how propane stacks up against electricity and natural gas.

Propane vs. Electricity

Propane provides comfort, versatility, security, efficiency and an upgraded lifestyle that electricity will never match.

Propane appliances offer superior energy efficiency to comparable electric models. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that you can save about $174 per year with a propane water heater compared with an electric model. And those savings soar if you install a propane tankless water heater.

Not only do propane water heaters save you money, but they also get your water hot much faster than electric water heaters, and tankless propane water heaters let you have endless hot water on-demand.

With propane grills, pool and spa heaters, firepits, and more, you’ve got all you need to make your back yard the place to be for family and friends.

Whether it’s thunderstorms, tropical storms or something else, a power outage can be not only inconvenient but dangerous. But with a propane whole-house standby generator, you can keep the power on in your home for lights, heating and cooling, refrigerators, sump pumps, home security system, electronics, home medical equipment and more.

You get this all with an energy source that is right at your home. You aren’t at the mercy of an electrical utility and its frequent outages.

Propane vs. Natural Gas

This one may puzzle you. After all, they’re both gases so there’s no difference, right?


Propane has several advantages over natural gas for people all over South Florida. The biggest advantage is dependability, especially with Pico Propane as your propane delivery service. Your propane supply is stored in a tank on your property, so you’ll always have it on hand. Natural gas customers don’t enjoy security like that. There are often reports of interruptions in natural gas service because of pipeline problems caused by either bad weather, accidents or deterioration.

If your neighborhood has natural gas and your home doesn’t access it, be prepared to spend a lot of money to get it. Connecting your home to the natural gas supply lines can cost $2,500 or more. Then there are the costs for the new gas meter, installation of the gas shutoff valve and installing gas lines for each of your gas appliances. Each of those costs at least several hundred dollars.

Adding propane to your home is quicker, easier and less expensive, as you don’t have to do excavation to run the gas line from your home to the gas supply line at the street. And with affordable, worry-free propane tank leasing from Pico Propane, you save on purchase, installation, maintenance and repair of your propane tank!

Pico Propane has decades of experience helping people just like you take advantage of all that propane can bring to a home. Contact us to get started with propane service.