Residential Propane Services in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties in South Florida

Local residents and businesses know that Pico Propane just can’t be beat!

forever propane truckHomes all over South Florida benefit from using propane. Pico Propane has been the leader for decades in Miami-Dade and Broward counties for dependable propane delivery and services. We provide:

Pico Propane also installs, maintains and repairs propane and natural gas appliances such as ranges, water heaters and built-in grills.

Propane is clean burning, efficient, and versatile!

Look around your home and you’ll discover many ways propane can improve your home’s value and your quality of life in your home.

With propane, you get to enjoy the precise, instant temperature control and even heating you get with a gas range when there’s no natural gas service in your neighborhood. You get endless hot water whenever you want it with a propane tankless water heater. A propane clothes dryer makes laundry day easier by getting your laundry dry 25% faster than a comparable electric model, with less wear and fewer wrinkles to boot. Propane fireplaces and fireplace inserts give you comfort and ambiance at the push of a button.

Propane whole-house backup generators keep your home safe and comfortable in the event of a power outage. Not only do the lights stay on, but the food in your fridge and freezer are kept cold, and you’ll have power for needs such as air conditioning, electronics and home medical equipment.

You enjoy all these benefits with better energy efficiency and less environmental impact than you would with comparable electric appliances.

Get the responsive and respectful propane service you deserve. Become a Pico Propane customer today!