Keep Your Propane Appliances Running Smoothly

Written on: December 27, 2021

When It Comes to Maintenance and Repairs, Pico Propane Has Your Back!

hvac tune-upYou hear a lot about how propane is a clean-burning fuel that’s better for the environment, but did you know it’s also better for home heating equipment? With a propane system, there’s no gunk and no soot to clog things up like an oil system, for one thing. However, propane equipment and appliances still require a little maintenance once a year to keep them running safely and at peak efficiency. That’s where the pros at Pico Propane can help!

Do I Really Need Annual Maintenance?

Regular maintenance is the key to saving money. For starters, it ensures your propane equipment and appliances are running at peak efficiency. This helps keep your monthly energy costs down. In addition, maintenance is often required to keep manufacturer warranties in effect. Maintenance also ensures everything is running safely. While propane is extremely safe, it is flammable, and poses some inherent safety risks. Be sure you know the smell of gas, and what to do if you suspect a leak.

When Should I Schedule Maintenance?

Most propane equipment and appliances in South Florida homes—water heaters, ranges and clothes dryers—are used year-round. There’s no better time to schedule maintenance, but getting all the work done around the same time minimizes disruption to your home and paid visits from the maintenance team. Plus, it makes it easy to keep track of tune-ups and cleaning when you do it around the same time each year.

If you have a propane-fueled backup generator, you should plan your maintenance around hurricane season, which officially starts in June. With more extreme storms and less predictable weather, it’s smart to make sure your generator is ready to go by May each year.

For other propane-powered equipment that may get less use at certain times of year, such as propane firepits and pool heaters, you can still have maintenance done at the same time as everything else, although ideally it should be before or after the season that you use it most.

Maintenance—It’s More Than Just Cleaning

Propane gas systems have many components, and the experienced pros at Pico Propane take care of all of them. Our services include repairs and maintenance for:

We can also provide installation and maintenance of your propane storage tank, including moving or leveling it, if necessary, as well as performing required pressure checks following any leaks or runouts. We also make sure the lines from your propane tank to your grill, pool and spa heater, and propane whole-house backup generator are installed safely and correctly.

Protect your propane appliances with regular maintenance by the expert service technicians at Pico Propane. Contact us for a FREE estimate on service work for your home system, or new appliances for inside—or outside—your South Florida residence, today!