Converting Your Home to Propane Gas

Looking to add propane into your residence? We can provide safe, professional propane conversions.

convert to propaneIf you have been wanting the comfort and convenience of gas appliances in your South Florida home but don’t have natural gas service in your home or neighborhood, Pico Propane is here to help!

We offer safe, expert installation and maintenance of propane tanks and systems for your home.

Not only do we convert your home to propane, but we also help you learn all about the equipment we’re installing and how to properly and safely use propane in your home.

We offer aboveground and underground tank installations.

One thing you need to get to know is your new propane tank. We offer underground installation, which is environmentally safe, protects your tank from the elements and keeps it out of sight. All you’ll see is the cover on top of it, which protects several components from weather and physical damage, such as:

  • Your tank’s tank shutoff valve, which you can close to stop the flow of propane to your home in case of a leak or other emergency.
  • The regulator, which controls the pressure of the propane gas coming out of the tank
  • the safety relief valve, which will open automatically if the pressure inside the tank gets too high and will close again when the pressure returns to normal.
  • Fuel gauges, which show the percentage of propane in the tank. When full, the gauge will read 80%. The remaining 20% is to enable gas expansion in the tank that may result from an increase in temperature.

Propane flows from your tank to your home through pipes, most of which run through the attic and partition space, crawlspace, underground or are strapped to an exterior wall. You may also have a secondary pressure regulator on an outside wall of your home to further adjust gas pressure. A shutoff valve in each pipe can be closed to stop gas flow to an individual appliance. An appliance connector—a specially designed flexible tube that is typically two to three feet long—carries gas from a pipe to the back of an appliance such as your range or tankless water heater.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of propane in your home? Get in touch with us today to get started on converting your home to clean-burning, energy-efficient propane!