Propane Appliance Maintenance & Repair in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, FL

Trust Pico Propane with your propane appliances and service needs!

appliance maintenanceHave you seen all the great propane home appliances that Pico Propane sells and installs? These appliances greatly enhance the quality of life in your home, both indoors and outside. Our appliance catalog includes:

All our appliances are of outstanding quality and are made by some of the top manufacturers in the world. Plus, installation is only the beginning of what Pico Propane offers. We also provide expert, knowledgeable maintenance and repair service of any propane appliance we sell!

Pico Propane keeps you comfortable!

These appliances are investments in your home and the comfort of you and your family. With Pico Propane, you get peace of mind knowing that your propane appliances will be maintained and repaired properly.

Regular maintenance by a professional service technician is essential to keeping your propane appliances running safely and at their best possible efficiency, keeping your energy costs down. Professional maintenance may also be needed to keep your appliance’s warranty in effect.

All our service technicians are also fully certified to install any kind of gas piping inside your home as well as piping running from your outdoor propane tank into your home. What’s better? We’re also certified to install any type of gas piping that meets state and local codes, including flexible and rigid pipes.

This sort of service is essential for outdoor appliances. Pico Propane will make sure the lines from your propane tank to your grill, pool and spa heater and propane whole-house backup generator are installed safely and correctly. If you lose power in your home, you can be assured that your generator will have the propane it needs to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Protect your propane appliances with regular maintenance by the expert service technicians at Pico Propane. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!