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See our selection of propane grills, pool heaters, portable cookers, water heaters, and more.

showroomHome is more than a financial investment. It is our sanctuary in tough times, a gathering place for family and friends, where we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, new babies and more.

In Greater Miami, we have the beautiful weather to entertain both indoors and out, and we like to take advantage of it, with indoor and outdoor kitchens that let us feed and entertain loved ones in style.

Pico Propane is your one-stop shop for propane and gas appliances that stand head and shoulders above anything you’ll find at a big box store. At our showroom—located at: 1060 SW 27 Avenue, Miami, FL 33135—you’ll find an array of propane and gas appliances that will make your home something special. We offer:

You will get personal, attentive service rather than a hard sell. Our knowledgeable staff takes the time to listen to you and learn your needs, your style, your budget. We use that information to help you select the right appliance for you and your home.

The responsive service does not end with a sale. Pico Propane helps you get any qualifying appliance rebates. We provide expert, safe delivery and installation of your new appliances. Pico Propane has decades of experience working with contractors all over South Florida and can handle all installation work for your project.

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1060 SW 27 Avenue Miami, FL 33135


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