Outdoor Built-in Gas Grill Installation and Service in Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, and Miami Beach, FL

Pico Propanecan help create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

outdoor grillHere in South Florida, we are the masters of indoor-outdoor living. And that extends to how we eat as well.

We love grilling and barbecue, and with our diverse population, make everything from mojo pork to grilled fish to burgers and hot dogs. It’s one reason why outdoor kitchens are so popular here.

If you’re looking to add an outdoor kitchen to your home or replace the gas grill in your current outdoor kitchen, Pico Propane is your one-stop shop!

We offer popular models from top name brands like Aurora, Echelon, Choice and Legacy!

We sell, install and service top-quality built-in propane and gas grills from leading manufacturers such as Aurora, Echelon, Choice and Legacy. Because of our decades of experience, we easily work with your contractor.

You can choose from a wide range of features to get the grill of your dreams. Our grills can come with rotisseries, side burners, smoker boxes, multiple grilling levels and other features.

With our built-in grills, you also get the precise, instant temperature control that comes with a propane or gas grill. You also get ease and convenience. In just minutes, your grill is ready to go. Food comes out great, with no smoky smell or flavor that can overwhelm foods such as fish or fruit. When you’re done, just turn off the grill and the propane or gas supply, do a quick cleaning of the grates and you’re done!

By the way, not only are outdoor kitchens great to have, but they can also increase the value of your home.

From installation to refills—we’re your full-service propane provider!

Not only do we sell outstanding propane gas grills for your outdoor kitchen, we’ll make sure you have the propane for it!

If you choose to use a propane cylinder, you can come to our Fort Lauderdale and Miami offices for propane cylinder refills and exchanges.

Don’t want to deal with cylinders? Our trained, experienced propane service technicians can safely and properly connect your new built-in gas grill to your home’s propane supply. We also install and lease propane tanks.

Make your backyard a destination with Pico Propane. Contact us to get your FREE estimate!

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