Propane Home Appliance Sales & Installation in Miami-Dade County and Broward County, Florida

We offer a wide selection of appliances from top name brands like Jandy, Rinnai, Blaze, FireMagic, Big Green Egg®, and more!

home appliancesMany times, when people go shopping for propane home appliances, they only go to the big box stores.

They’re missing out on so much. The selection isn’t varied. There’s no personal service, no knowledgeable staff to help you find what works best for you and not their sales quotas and you have no idea who is going to be installing your new range.

Get the outstanding selection and personal, expert service you deserve and come to Pico Propane.

Pico Propane is South Florida’s true one-stop shop when it comes to propane home appliances!

Our trained, experienced staff understand the needs of homeowners in Miami-Dade and Broward counties the way big chain stores with far-off corporate offices can’t. We see firsthand how our customers, our neighbors, our families cook in their kitchens and on their grills, and how they use their backyards.

We hear what they want as they plan to upgrade their appliances or renovate their home or backyards.

We have worked with contractors from all over the area for gas range installation in kitchen remodels and new construction, install backyard grills and pool and spa heaters and install water heaters.

Do you need propane in your home for your appliances? Pico Propane can take care of you with that if you don’t have natural gas in your neighborhood. We can install a new propane system in your home, as well as install your new propane tank and provide reliable propane delivery.

What are the advantages of using propane appliances?

Cooking and grilling with propane gives you better results. The advantages propane offers are why virtually all professional chefs choose to use it in their commercial and home kitchens.

The biggest advantage propane offers is precise, instant temperature control. With propane gas ranges, you can adjust a burner’s heat levels on a dime, meaning the temperature in the pot or pan cooking your food is immediately adjusted. Electric range burners take much longer to heat up or cool down. That time can dramatically affect your food. Sautéed shrimp can go from just right to rubber.

You don’t have to choose between propane and charcoal with Pico Propane. We sell and install both propane and charcoal grills! You can enjoy the ease and convenience of propane grilling and the smoky goodness of charcoal grills. Not only that, we offer a full selection of Big Green Egg all-in-one grills! Our collection of portable cookers can do everything from tailgating to deep-frying the Thanksgiving turkey.

Pico Propane makes your backyard a great place to be in other ways. We sell, install and service propane pool and spa heaters. They get your water warm in dramatically less time than electric models and are much more energy-efficient.

Propane tankless water heaters give you all the hot water you need, on-demand, with better energy efficiency than electric water heaters.

Make life easier with one-stop shopping from Pico Propane. Come visit our Miami showroom!