Gas System & Appliance Repairs

Written on: September 26, 2022

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appliance repair floridaOne of the great benefits of propane heating systems and propane appliances is that they are less prone to breakdowns. But regular maintenance is key to avoiding problems with any equipment. Whether you need a gas system repair or are looking to install a new appliance in your Ft. Lauderdale area home, Pico Propane is the team to choose.

Our certified technicians are trained to make sure all your propane gas equipment is installed correctly and operating safely, from tanks to appliances.

Tank Installation & Maintenance

Whether you’re converting to a propane system and need propane tank installation, or tank replacement, we have your back. We’ll help with:

Heating System Repair & Maintenance

Of course, the expert techs at Pico Propane can install your propane-fueled heating system. They can also perform maintenance to keep it running at peak efficiency, and make any repairs should anything breakdown:

Propane Appliance Installation & Repairs

Propane produces about 2.5 times the amount of energy (Btu’s or British thermal units) as natural gas, so using propane in an appliance set up to run on natural gas could become dangerously hot. If you’re converting from natural gas to propane, it doesn’t mean you have to replace all your appliances. The in-house team of technicians at Pico Propane can convert your natural gas appliances to run safely on propane. And of course, we offer expert repairs on all your propane appliances.

Whether you need installation or repair for your gas system, Pico Propane has more than 70 years’ experience serving homeowners and businesses in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and nearby communities. We’re the company they trust for propane deliveries, appliance, and equipment services.

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Whether you need assistance with installations, maintenance, or repair, we’ve got the knowledge, skills, and resources to help. Get in touch with us today to learn more or to become a Pico Propane customer.