Why You Shouldn’t DIY Gas Appliance Repair

Written on: February 27, 2023

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appliance repair miami, fl Propane is a safe, clean-burning way to heat your home and water, as well as run many appliances. One of the many benefits of clean-burning propane is that there are typically fewer maintenance issues for equipment—and fewer breakdowns, too.

But if you do have a problem with your heating system—or any of your propane equipment or appliances—NEVER attempt to repair it yourself, even if you think it’s an easy fix.

Here’s why you should always call a professional when propane appliances need repairs .

Put Safety First

Safety is the main reason to hire a professional to make repairs on gas appliances in your home. Improper work on equipment can result in a propane leak amongst other potential trouble.

While propane is extremely safe, it’s a highly flammable gas under certain conditions. In the case of a leak, gas can accumulate in enclosed areas and any spark could set it off. Sparks can be caused by tools on metal, as well as flipping switches, lighting matches, using the phone, thermostats, or appliances. Make sure everyone in your home knows what to do when they smell gas.

Gas Appliances Can Be More Complicated Than They Seem

Even if you think it’s a simple repair, a DIY repair job could void your warranty—or even your insurance. That could cost you a lot more than whatever you think you might be saving by trying to fix a problem yourself. Our in-house technicians are trained and licensed, and when you need a repair, we’re here for you with quality workmanship and transparent and fair pricing.

Our trained professionals can install, maintain, and repair a range of propane appliances and equipment including grills, pool and spa heaters, water heaters and more right here in the South Florida region!

Gas & LP Appliances Are High-Pressure Systems

The propane in your tank is highly pressurized, and your system uses a regulator to decrease the pressure as it enters your home. Different appliances work with different levels, and if you damage the regulator, it can result in a gas leak. That’s true whether pressure is too high or too low. The problems that result when pressure is too low are why we are required to do a pressure test after you have a runout.

In addition to moderating the pressure, the regulator helps maintain the correct ratio of propane and air to burn correctly. Modifications or repairs performed by a nonprofessional can result in the wrong ratios. When appliances are burning propane incorrectly, they produce carbon monoxide.

Don’t DIY Your Gas Repairs…Call Pico Propane Right Away!

You may not need to call the Geek Squad to help install your new ultra-HD smart TV. You may even be able to restore the engine on a ’77 Pontiac Firebird. But when it comes to gas appliance repairs, unless you’re a licensed technician this is not a project to show off your DIY skills!

Whether you need installation, a repair or just safe and dependable propane delivery, contact the pros at Pico Propane today.

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