Forklift Cylinder Exchange Services for Miami and Fort Lauderdale Area Businesses

Pico Propane keeps your operations moving with propane exchanges!

forklift cylinder exchangeConstruction companies, distribution centers, retail and many other businesses here in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area use forklifts for moving materials.

Keeping those forklifts working, and working efficiently, is an essential job. And more businesses are discovering all the advantages propane forklifts provide.

If you need propane for forklifts, Pico Propane is a full-service provider! We create custom and flexible forklift cylinder exchange service for each of our commercial clients, so you always have the propane your forklifts need. We also provide cages for safe storage of your cylinders.

Are propane forklifts a smarter choice than electric models?

Enjoy increased power. If there is propane in the cylinder, propane forklifts run at 100% power. Electric forklifts slowly lose power as the battery is drained. Propane forklifts can carry heavier loads and are better when working on inclines.

Propane forklifts are more cost-effective. When an electric forklift’s battery is drained, you can’t use it until it is recharged, which can take up to eight hours. That may leave you without enough forklifts for efficient work.

Charging stations cost money and take up space in your facility. Refueling a propane forklift takes only a few minutes. Just replace the empty tank with a full one, and the forklift is back on the job.

Safe operation inside and out. Propane forklifts can be safely operated both indoors and outdoors, as long as safety protocols and regulations are followed.

They’re environmentally-friendly, too. Forklifts powered by propane emit dramatically fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline-powered forklifts. With a gasoline forklift, there’s environmental damage if gasoline is spilled. There’s no environmental damage in the rare event of a propane leak. Propane is nontoxic and does not harm air, water, soil, plant life, marine life or aquatic life. About 40% of the nation’s electricity supply is generated by coal-fired power plants that produce greenhouse gases. That makes electric forklifts not as environmentally friendly as propane.

Pico Propane offers customized, dependable propane forklift cylinder exchange services. Contact us today and we’ll get to work for you—plus provide you a FREE estimate for an exchange solution built for your business.

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