Commercial Propane Service for Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Local South Florida Businesses

Pico Propane provides unbeatable services that benefit your bottom line.

commercial propane in miami-dade county

The Greater Miami and Fort Lauderdale region has a strong, diverse economy. And you’d be surprised how many businesses rely on propane to get jobs done.

Pico Propane has long been a commercial propane service company that businesses know they can count on. Today, we are one of South Florida’s largest independent propane providers. That independence, combined with our local roots as a family business, allow us to use our knowledge and insights of businesses around here to provide you with the personal, responsive service you’ll never get from big national corporations.

We offer bulk propane supply and delivery solutions.

Our knowledgeable commercial propane experts will sit down with you and go over how your business uses propane to come up with a customized bulk propane delivery plan that meets the specific needs of your business.

If you use propane cylinders for equipment such as grills, commercial mowers and forklifts, we provide safe and expert cylinder refills and exchanges.

Pico Propane also installs complete propane systems for businesses, schools, health care facilities, churches and more. From installing the tanks to running the lines to installing appliances, Pico Propane does it all!

In just how many commercial areas can propane lend a helping hand? Let’s take a look:

The food service industry benefits from propane!

Not everyone in South Florida has access to service from a natural gas utility. Propane allows food service businesses such as restaurants, breweries and brewpubs, event facilities, food trucks and commercial kitchens to use gas ranges, broilers, grills, water heaters and other appliances to turn out quality foods in large quantities.

Propane for local hospitality.

The benefits for hotels and resorts using propane is bountiful, including in the kitchen. It also helps housekeeping staff do their job more efficiently. With commercial propane dryers that not only dry laundry 25% faster than comparable commercial electric dryers, but also create less wear and fewer wrinkles.

It’s great for outdoor heating so guests can relax and dine outdoors even when evenings get cool. Pool and spa heaters are dramatically more efficient than electric models, further reducing energy costs.

Propane for forklifts, warehouses, construction, and more.

Forklifts are used in construction, warehouses, distribution centers, retail and more to move materials quickly. Propane forklifts are clean-burning so they can be used both indoors and outside, unlike those powered by gasoline. They are more powerful than electric forklifts and can work in wet conditions, unlike electric forklifts. On average, they can run eight hours between refueling and, unlike electric forklifts, stay running at full power. Refueling is easy, too! Simply remove the empty cylinder and replace it with a full cylinder.

Residential and commercial landscapers and local businesses run on propane.

Whether it’s residential landscaping or maintaining commercial properties and golf courses, propane boosts the bottom line of landscaping businesses. Propane is ideal for commercial mowers. It is less expensive than gasoline, and its clean-burning means that employees aren’t exposed to harmful exhaust fumes.

Productivity is increased because replacing an empty propane tank with a full one in a matter of moments without having to deal with gasoline spills. The clean-burning propane provides means that your equipment will last longer and need fewer repairs and less maintenance.

Pico Propane has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the propane you need for your business to grow and prosper. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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