What Size Pool Heater Should I Get?

Written on: April 25, 2022

Make the most efficient choice!

pool heaters floridaEven in South Florida, a pool heater can keep the water in your pool at the optimum temperature year-round. Choosing the right type of pool heater—and selecting the right size—can ensure you’ll get maximum enjoyment from your pool while achieving money-saving energy efficiency. Typically, you only need to heat your pool or spa for less than half the year, but in any case, propane makes the most efficient choice for your pool heater.

Why Choose Propane?

A propane pool heater will produce more heat, so it will warm up the water in your pool or spa much faster than an electric heater. Additionally, an electric pool heater will take hours to bring the water to a comfortable temperature. And as the outside temperature gets cooler, an electric pool heater must work harder to heat the water—which drives up your energy costs.

But the size of your pool heater is important too. Calculating the right size will get you the best results. Basing your needs on your pool’s surface area is smarter than using gallons. That’s because a pool with a large surface area provides more space for heat to escape and subsequently, more water to heat.

Calculate the Surface Area of Your Pool:

  1. Multiply the length times the width. So, if your pool is 15 x 30, then the surface area is 450 square feet.
  2. Divide the surface area 3 to get the minimum recommended BTU size for your pool. When you divide a surface area of 450 by 3, you get 150. That means the minimum size heater is 150k BTUs.
  3. If you are using the same heater to warm a spa, the rule of thumb is to add approximately 30%. So, a 15 x 30-foot pool plus a spa would require about 200k BTUs to heat.

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Of course, there are other variables. If you prefer your pool’s water to be warmer, a solar cover can offset nighttime heat loss rather than using more energy to reheat your pool in the morning. Likewise, if you only use your pool on weekends, or are away for a few weeks at a time, the minimum BTU pool heater will heat your pool quickly, while a higher BTU unit will be better if you use your pool daily, or at night.

Whatever your needs, the pros at Pico Propane can help you enjoy your pool and spa in year-round comfort! Stop by our Miami showroom to see our available selection, or contact us today for a FREE estimate.